What is Tollo?

Tollo Community System™ is an online resource that will assist in connecting anyone seeking social or financial assistance to programs and/or services within their community. These services include employment, financial assistance, re-entry after prison, housing and other social service needs. Organizations and government agencies operate with enormous information blind spots. These blind spots keep them from finding those who are truly in need of their services. They also keep them from providing additional aid to those they are already serving. For example, a single mother with an 8-year-old child with an annual income of less than $24,000 is eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Section 8 Housing, child care services and Medicare. However, she may not be aware that she also qualifies for a mentoring program for her child, $10 only Internet Access, free legal services, free cell phone service, free tax preparation, energy assistance and credit score repair services.

Tollo is for individuals seeking services and nonprofit organizations providing those services. Nonprofit organizations subscribed to the Tollo Community System would become eligible services for the individuals increasing service awareness. Tollo has been built with a consultative system that will guide individuals through the services and programs within our network for which they best qualify.

On average, an individual may receive three-four services. Our goal is to increase the services they truly need to six-seven. The more services an individual receives to empower their life, the greater their chances will be to succeed.

Tollo is a Latin word which means “to lift” or “to raise up” and we believe that this system provides the opportunity to improve the intake process within communities through what is called, “No Wrong Door.” “No Wrong Door” means that an individual who has multiple needs may receive a range of community services through appropriate referrals, no matter where he or she enters the area of service. Meaning that if an organization receives a referral from another agency the information will be consistent, putting everyone on the same page.