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Social Impact

Organizations and government agencies operate with enormous information blind spots.  These blind spots prohibit them from finding those who are truly in need of their services. They also keep them from providing additional services to those they are already serving.  

Tollo provides the opportunity to improve communities through what we call, “No Wrong Door.”  “No Wrong Door” means that an individual who has multiple needs may receive a range of community services through appropriate referrals, no matter where he or she enters the area of service. 




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Currently, effective referrals is non-existent due to lack of communication between different Non-Profit agencies and inconsistent data on each applicant across different Non-Profit agencies. Once the online application from Tollo is completed, Tollo will match the application with available qualifying services and programs within the community.  This specific feature will be available soon.  Until this feature is available you can access the system for available services in your area.

Some of the services within Tollo range from: