Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is Tollo different from other case management applications on the market?
A. The most immediate difference is the streamlining of technology and social service.  Tollo not only assists with matching individuals to available services, it provides immediate non-profit information.   Additionally, Tollo creates a cost effective marketing solution for non-profits to broadcast their services.

Q. Is this system secure?
A. Yes, Tollo is secure.  Tollo is secured by a firewall, an encrypted database, SSL-128bit encryption, and an Intrusion Detection System.

Q. How much does is cost for my organization to be listed on Tollo?

Q. Why is Tollo priced so competitively?
A.  We understand the budgetary constraints for non-profit agencies and priced it to allow non-profits the opportunity to utilize it to make an impact.  

Q. Is Tollo HIPAA compliant?
A.  All transactions in the Tollo are HIPAA compliant.

Q. How are the transmissions secured?
A. All transmissions are performed using Secure Socket Layers(SSL) with 128-bit encryption. This Service
facilitates compliance with GLB, HIPAA and other important security and privacy regulations.

Q. Can Tollo adjust to new federal and/or state regulations?
A. Yes. 

Q. What if Tollo goes down?
A. The network infrastructure for Tollo has been designed with 99.999% reliability against this eventuality.

Q. What if the Internet goes down at my agency?
A. We recommend asking your Internet Service Provider(ISP) for Internet Access Service with a Service Level Agreement(SLA).

Q. Is the system backed up?
A. Yes, daily.

Q. Can other agencies see our clients information and notes?
A. No.

Q. I have my own intake application or documents. Can Tollo populate these documents for us?
A. Yes, any document(s) you currently have, can be integrated into the system for a fee per page.

Q. Once I become a subscriber, how long before I have access to the application?
A. Tollo allows for free access even if your not a subscriber.

Q. Will there be video conferencing access to communicate between agencies?
A. Yes, in the very near future.

Q. Can I use Tollo on my handheld device?
A. This feature is currently under development.